About Us

As I work on learning and unlearning about equity, diversity, inclusion (and more), I realize I have work to do to ensure my children are educated earlier than I have been. Though it is never too late to learn, it is also never too early to start, as we strive to ensure the next generation is more understanding and inclusive than the last. This online bookstore was born from these thoughts, as I hope to offer a wide selection of diverse characters for children to see and read about in fun and inspiring stories. 

As an Anishnaabe woman, I am strongly aware of the privilege I have been shown due to my white skin, as will my children. I am committed to teaching my children how to be anti-racist as I learn for myself, and many of these books have helped my family and I start these important conversations.  

This ever-growing collection of book titles has been curated for any child aged 0-8 years old. The diversity of characters may open children's eyes to ethnicities, abilities/disabilities, gender identification, sexual orientation, and more. We hope that these books will encourage children to ask questions, dream big, and overall be the best people they can be!

It will come as no surprise that the Core Values at k.i.d.stories are Kindness, Inclusivity, and Diversity.  By featuring stories that foster these values, we hope to increase empathy, self-confidence, community building, and more among our children.